Electronic Navigational Equipmnent

We are dealing with all electronic navigational equipment. Our team have knowledge and expirience with major brands such as Simrad, Raymarine, B&G, Lowrance e.t.c. Depend on customer needs, we are performing diagnostics and surveys, make reports and suggest sulotions. We repair broken units, upgrade firmware and resolve network problems.

We install multifunctional displays, radars, depth sounders GPS antennas and autopilot systems . After installation we do all setup and custumization including autopilot calibration, dockside and seatrial.

Marine Internet Solutions

Importance of onboard internet connection is rising rapidly. Up to date devices and appliances need to be conected to network to be able to provide certian functions. At the same time we should be able to communicate with our personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers etc. Because of that, any modern vessel should have reliable Local Area Network , wired and wireless and gateway to internat.

Communications Systems

For our clients, we offer VHF radios , for installation and handheld. We also install antennas and coaxial cables. We perform testing and measure performance. Also, we integrate VHF radios to ship system to receive position and time data and we enter MMSI number to be able to send Distress Calls.

AIS receivers and transcivers become standard piece of equipment onboard. We install AIS receivers and transrecivers A or B Class, program all features and integrate it to ship system. We install antenna splitters or add new VHF antenna. With fully integrated AIS system you can see neighboring vessel icons on multifunction display, collision alarms can be set, you can track your buddy e.t.c.

Professional Audio Systems

High quality audio installations is one of our favorite tasks. We design and install proffessional audio systems customized to client desires and vessel type. We follow technology trends and implement new solutions for our clients.

Network players and streaming audio become new standards of audio reproduction. Good quatity and high speed internet connection allow access to many high quality music sevices on line. We have expirience in installing audio systems made by famous brands like Sonos, Fusion, Bose e.t.c.

Satellite Systems

Satellite antennas are standard equipment to modern yachts. We conduct new installations, repair and adjustments of TV recieve only (TVRO) and V-SAT systems. We integrate recived information to yacht audio, video and data networks. We connect TVRO antenna to multiswitch and distibute quatily TV programs to any space onboard. We install satellite receivers and decoders and connect it to AV receivers and TV sets. ,

V-SAT antenna is connected to satellite modem and to network router and provide seamless connection to internet at open seas.

TV Video Multimedia

TV and video reproduction devices become digitalized long time ago. Now all devices have network connectivity. They became multimedia players and able to reproduct various formats. Proffesional multimedia installations include hi speed Local Area Network connection, Network Accessible Storage (NAS) disks, wireless contol devices and Internet services.

Such networks include video and audio database and controll softvare. Up to date equipment offer free aplications for mobile devices such are mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. With that applications user can control multimedia devices and choose particular multimedia items.

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